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We the People Flag

We the People Flag


29" x 13"

Vintage we the people flag topped with glossy automotive clear coat for stability indoors or outdoors. Handcrafted in Topeka, Kansas from steel.


The torn and tattered flag is a symbol of perseverance and tenacity during times of otherwise insurmountable adversity. From the original weathered stitches of William Driver’s Old Glory in 1824 to the iconic images taken from a battered Pearl Harbor flagpole on that infamous day in early December 1941, to modern applications of PTSD awareness - we hope that this flag emboldens and inspires feelings of patriotism and unity for all who see it. God Bless America!


**Due to these items being handmade, there may be slight variations in the shipped product. Items ordered in a raw or rust finish are not clear coated.
To see more of our work, please visit our Facebook page at or our website at
We do custom orders as well as customize existing pieces.

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