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We offer a multitude of different finishes.  These include the following:​


Our color mix is our most popular finish, and can be used to create almost any color or combination you would like!  The bold, rippling texture effect is typically applied to a stainless steel and finished with an automotive clear coat.

A polished metal finish can be used either in combination with our color mix, or all on its own!  It creates a highly reflective silver look that shows off the grinding of the stainless steel.  It is also topped off with the automotive clear coat.


Our auburn prism is a unique wash that comes out with deep bronze and blue colors.  We cannot easily control where the colors are applied, however this ensures every piece is a unique show stopper.  This finish is applied to a carbon steel and also finished with the automotive clear coat.

Our heat treat finish involves applying fire from a blow torch directly to a carbon steel!  The longer the heat is applied the deeper the bronze-yellow color becomes, until it actually turns to a deep, brilliant blue-purple.  This finish is also applied to a carbon steel, and receives the same clear coat as most of our other finishes.


Our copper finish is applied to a carbon steel, and the resulting color convincingly mimics the look of an actual copper metal.  As with our other finishes, this receives the automotive clear coat.

Looking for something more rustic?  We can leave your item as a raw carbon steel if desired!  This is also the most cost effective option, and a great choice for those who wish to paint their items themselves!  Fair warning:  No finish or clear coat of any kind is applied to these, and being carbon steel they are prone to rust over time, especially when exposed to moisture. 


We also are capable of utilizing either matte or glossy paints of almost any color you'd like.  Paint is different from our color mix as it is completely opaque and has none of the rippled effect.  The process for painting is also a little more complex and as such comes at an additional charge.

These are the finishes we keep in house and examples of them can be viewed in the images above.  Depending on the design of your product we may or may not be able to do more than one finish on a single product.  If you had a different finish than what we offer in mind, feel free to ask.  We may be able to accommodate your request.

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